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Easy Precon is dedicated to make your home homeownership dream a reality. With over ten years of experience serving hundreds of clients across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Easy Precon makes your home buying process as smooth as possible. Their partners have reputable home builders to bring you the latest pre-construction condos, detached, semi-detached, and townhouses for sale in the most sought-after neighborhoods in Toronto.

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Easy Precon has a wide collection of high-quality and classy homes and condos from different homebuilders to satisfy the needs of every prospective homebuyer. Their collection consists of:

Why Choose

a) Pre-construction condos in Toronto– These are brand new condos that are yet to be developed. Homebuyers buy at discounted prices and the new condominium can be customized to buyers’ specifications. Once the project is complete, ownership is transferred to the homebuyer.
b) Detached homes- These are stand-alone homes specifically for one-family residences or single-family homes.
c) Semi-detached homes- A home that is joined by another by a shared wall. Most semi-detached homes are built using the same design in a mirror-like shape.
d) Townhouses- Multi-story single-family houses that share a wall with the adjacent house but have their own entrance.

• Easy Precon has a highly experienced and committed team of real estate professionals who work closely with the most reputable and experienced home builders in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to bring you the best deals.
• Easy Precon explores all the possibilities and neighborhoods to find the perfect home that matches everyone’s budget and taste.
• They offer homebuyers a free consultation, where they describe the market condition, property types and best neighborhoods, home prices, and legal requirements when purchasing a home.
• Easy Precon intermediate negotiations between the homebuyer and the home seller to ensure that every client gets fair and honest deals.


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